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Prof. Dr. Leef Dierks on European Banking Union:
The Journal on Business and Economics in Times of Crisis is going to publish Prof. Dr. Leef Dierks' paper on a highly current topic in the upcoming issue of the journal. Read the paper already here today.

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Greetings from the Director of LCBR

Welcome to the website of the Lupcon Center for Business Research.

The collaboration between academia and business practitioners is playing an increasingly important role. Academic researchers not only rely on feedback from academic colleagues, but also on data and input from business representatives, who in turn want to learn about academic trends to bring their business practices closer to excellence.

Our organization is all about facilitating this exchange between academia and business, in addition to providing a forum for communication among academics.

We hope this website provides useful basic information about our mission (see “About Us” section) as well as our publications and academic events.


Christian Wolf
Lupcon Center for Business Research (LCBR)

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